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There are good people on this planet. People who do not contaminate each other and know how to hold our hand as they hold their universe.


People  like that, besides their  generosity, they do not distil falsehood or poison. They realise who we are and smile at us  in a different way. They look at us as if they understand us and know that they can count on us in good times and bad ones. There are people that transcend space, life all in favor of the good. They live in another sphere, living in a deeper and less resentful way. They know how to distribute affection and kindness. They do not use roughness and know very well  how to deal with the obstacles of life. These people, do not consume us, on the contrary: they add and multiply, they are the roots that fix into place and stay. They become leafy and special so when we arrive near them we can rest under that huge amount of peace and light. They give us fruits, flowers, bring us more color during the paleness of some days. They teach us, correct us, let us not delimit. They soften our path ,sometimes hurt or suffered.  They show us our ability to evolve and to be a better person, capable of transforming everything around us

There are people who do not have age in their souls.

The countenance shows why they are here whithout the need for a mirror.t. All in them reflects what the heart needs to feel.

Perhaps there are angels or a much more evolved spirit. Perhaps they are missionaries who are here to teach us to have more peace and humility. They are here to serve as a bridge so  that we can find a better place to rest our weariness.

These are wonderful people who may postpone the destruction of the whole human race of the planet.


  For Now  


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Sil Guidorizzi    • 19 de abril de 2017

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