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The Association of Humanitarian Aid

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“We are the evolution of the human and animal species granting ourselves life by right, there’s no point at evolving by ourselves, by helping others we contribute to our own evolution; if we don’t give we are creatures without evolution”  

What’s the point of having the power and not knowing how to act?


  • What’s the point of having a lot or too little to give? 

  • Being part of this association implies giving life to our own evolution as human beings. 


This is a pure and real association that supports others.   

  • Philanthropy in the calamities and extreme poverty.  

  • Catastrophes, viruses, defending the basic needs.

Who can become part of this association?


The first 24 people will be entitled to the association's decision making (by reference).


"What is the meaning of being born, living and dying without giving everything for the happiness of other people ... evolution is much more than just our personal success ...


... Being part of this association means undertaking a journey of humanitarian support, donating and supporting the creation of better living conditions for all of us here on our planet (vegetation, humanity and animals) ... ”



God, after analyzing what he should do about the earth, he decides to send one of his angels down, this Angel whose name is Gi Ross is one of the four elements which will play the trumpets when the time comes and will be announced by the Creator. He was sent to one of the most touristic places in the world which is located in the middle of the earth’s four points, the island of Madeira. In this island a pure and modest being was chosen, with good principles and values to share his body with the sent angel.


To everyone’s surprise, this Angel becomes passionate about music and asks the Creator for an authorization to form part of this emotion as a DJ and productor, without affecting the primary mission. Once the authorization was accepted, he starts his studies in a School for DJs in Lisbon in I4Dj, he shows himself to the public after three years off arduous preparation in various musical genres as deep house, techno,  tech House,  funk, funky, edm, dubstep, break e reggaetón. 

When he uses his mask he is without  doubts Angel GI Ross (Dj) and when he takes if off he is the body’s owner, therefore they are two different beings with different evolution in the same body, supporting each other…

Primary Mission


As a God’s sent Angel, his primary mission is to find many people in an advanced state of evolution who can demonstrate to the Creator that the earth still has a chance to follow its path.

The planet has been through this situation from time to time, it is necessary to exterminate life in order to create a new human being with a more evolved intellectual capacity. This need is to elevate humankind to a superior state of consciousness. 


If there are people evolved enough, our Creator will delay the earth’s destruction for later, but it is his call, Angel GI Ross only has to prove that there still exists a considerable amount of good people that will be enough for God to make his decision. 

Secondary Mission



The newly acquired mission as a DJ is to reach many people, get to know different cultures and the human mind. In this mission his acts will be mainly in open locations, outdoor events, some indoor ones but far away from exaggerations and inadequate behaviors in its splendor. The body that collaborates with Angel GI Ross is free of vices and full of purity. It won’t be bought off and money isn’t the most important thing to it, it is conscious that the association requires millions but its main goal is the implementation of communitarian support and urgent help for the settlers of the earth. In this way it does not contradict Angel GI Ross’s mission (they complement each other and that is why his individuality was chosen for such purpose) 

Casal romântico, apreciando a vista
O sanduíche perfeito Vegan
Mãos pulverização Montanhista de rocha
Vista para a selva
Treinamento Intenso
Atire casamento ao ar livre
Pôr do sol sobre o vinhedo
Fazenda de gado leiteiro
animais de estimação
Manada de elefantes
Soldados e tanques

How I See Things as an Angel


From what I've seen and analyzed, the Earth is in chaos. Man is destroying the planet, killing his animals instead of learning from them, treating them like food (they take away their free will) and care little about the evolution of these species.

They want to profit at all costs, meaningless politics, fanaticism in various areas, unscrupulous selfishness, an alarming increase in the number of psychopaths, governments with double intentions (I give you, if you give me), religious entities that speak in the name of a God they do not know and ask for money in his name, they quote verses from supposedly sacred books (written by man) to achieve their illicit goals, thus gaining dominion over everything at all costs.

We’ve seen it all, organ trafficking, human trafficking, animal trafficking, pharmaceutical companies that only think about their own benefits (they don’t care how many people might die unable to afford their medications), corrupted medicine, organized crime, mafias, corrupted minds, criminal publicity, vices, etc. 


Yes, in my way of looking at things, it is time to let the earth turn against man and so it will be. In the beginning, it will be just a warning, the planet will be paralyzed almost completely, and the world economy will be in chaos, many people will die in that first warning, meanwhile, the Earth restores its natural balance. (But it will be a warning to humans, animals are excluded).

When God gives the order, the four angels blow their trumpets and the Earth is unstable, causing huge earthquakes above 9 on the Ritcher scale, tsunamis, decomposing bodies, diseases, viruses, etc. Only after the human race is completely wiped out will the planet return to normal. A new DNA will be placed and a new man will appear with more intellect.

Ibex e pássaro
Médicos com roupas de proteção bacteriol

Angel GI Ross

“…Nothing satisfies me more than to help spreading love on the face of the earth, the most important thing that exists on earth is life, the right to life.

We all have the same right to life, animals didn’t come to the world to be exterminated, captured and used as food. Every single amount of pain caused to another being will have serious consequences after.


Respect life, give your best, be brave 


There is no spiritual evolution if you continue to kill to eat, paying for a piece of meat is the same thing as killing, that way you’re inducing others to take advantage and keep killing (because it’s lucrative)…”

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