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Give it to me (Extended Version)
Bring The Energy (Extended Version)
You Got This (Extended Version)
Yo Soy Candela (Extended Version)
Personall (Extended Version)
One Life (Extended Version)
Star in the Sky (Extended Version)
I`m Sorry (Extended Version)
Underground (Extended Version)
Unique Secret House (Extended Version)
Groove hit (Extended Version)
Listen To Me (Extended Version)
Let's Play Let's Dance (Extended Version)
Your Sound (Extended Version)
angel gi ross comics 2 color.png
So On Play (Extended Version)
Hold Me (Extended Version)
Get Over You (Extended Original Version)
Wont You Stay (Extended Version)
Only Us (Extended Version)
Going Up (Extended Version)
Hurts (Extended Version)
Cursed (Extended Version)
In My Dreams (Extended Version)
Not Coming Home (Extended Version) (1)
Looking Back (Extended Version)
Gracias a Dios me Liberé (Extended Version)
Out of This World (Extended Version)
Seize The Night (Extended Version)
Dreaming (Extended Version)
Stay a litle longer (Special Extended Version)
Be Alone (Extended Version)
Bad Luck (Extended Version)
alto-falante preto

Alicia Brent, London

I love Angel Gi Ross, the way he interacts with the public, his dynamic mixes and his music is fantastic... I'm a 100% fan
My music produce.png
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I wish that all DJs on this planet can reach their goals, that they do incredible things, that they are disciplined, organized, that they are even better than Me in every way, that way I will know that we are building a better world. Be careful with everything that is hidden in the world of the night, beware of addictions and that way you can live longer with quality of life with your family (remember the family first, always). Thanks

Angel GI Ross is the direct representative of the Madeira Delegation of the Portuguese DJ Association

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